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Citizens Interest advocates for the preservation of citizen rights, with a focus on the Advocacy Industry's and their stakeholders, impact on society and the individuals they proclaim to represent.

The focus of our work was born from our efforts to advocate for legislative change in public health policy. In attempting to work with the patient community and connect with other industry professionals, we discovered an industry rot with corruption, corporate malfeasance, double-dealing, disinformation, propaganda campaigns, and coordinated tactics designed to suppress of freedom of speech of individuals and groups opposed to the industry's collective viewpoints. 

Our research uncovered a coordinated effort by the Advocacy Organizations, working through coalitions and alliances, to create and disseminate coordinated messages to their respective communities. 


The interoperability of the Advocacy Industry and its counterparts creates a closed market system. Through the public-private partnership mechanism and federal committees, these organizations come together to enact policy change in the nation. 

Explore each of the 6 Industries below to learn about the interoperability of these systems and the abuses being undertaken by various corporate stakeholders. 

Public Private Partnership

Public, Private-Partnerships

What is a Public-Private-Partnership?

Public-Private-Partnerships are comprised of public and private organizations; including but not limited to: the financial industry, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGO's), academic journals, insurance companies, data industry, biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry, healthcare institutions, media outlets and our federal and state governmental agencies.  All entities within the P3 framework work together to achieve the desired systemic shift in the healthcare delivery system in support of pre-existing social ideologies.


Issues with Public-Private-Partnership Framework:

The United States expanded use of Public-Private-Partnerships (P3's) in an attempt to find solutions to some of the nation's most complex issues. The unique structure of the P3's necessitates laws and regulations to ensure consumer safety. CIAAG seeks to develop the necessary oversight, transparency, and the preservation of individual rights within the public-private-partnership initiatives. 



the Pillar Theory graphic.png

Public-Private-Partnerships are the driving force behind current day healthcare policy in the United States. These collaborations between private organizations and federal agencies were established to accomplish systemic changes in the healthcare and public-health systems in the nation. 

The public-private-partnership initiatives create a closed system, where enterprise representatives alongside federal government agencies, are working through task-forces and committees, and rolling back consumer protection laws in order to permit a new model of clinical research to be conducted through the healthcare system, using private citizens without their knowledge or informed consent.



CIAAG engages in a number of activities to support our organizational mission and to educate individuals on how to use the democratic process to effectively advocate for policy change. The Advocacy Training Program encourage increased civic engagement and communication with local and federal policymakers. 

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