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The best way to raise awareness and gain public support for an issue is through the media. Main stream and social media platforms are able to reach millions of people with a single story. 

CIAAG regularly participates in media events, and interviews. We encourage you to explore our previous news-stories, radio interviews, podcasts, and television appearances below. 

DocTok's Podcast

September 21, 2023

Executive Director, Lauren Deluca, joined Dr. Tennant on DocTok's Podcast to discuss the political factors driving changes in the healthcare system, national drug-shortages and the work we are doing to help.

Daily Remedy Podcast

April 5, 2022

Lauren Deluca joined Jay from the Daily Remedy Podcast to discuss the layers of bureaucracy within federal organizations like the CDC and FDA, and reveals how the existence of those layers allow undue corporate influence resulting in counterintuitive policies. 

KOAA News5 - Southern Colorado

March 31, 2022

Lauren Deluca, was interviewed by KOAA News5, Southern Colorado where she discussed the pros and cons of healthcare applications in the nation.

Close Up Radio

December 8, 2021

Lauren Deluca was a featured guest on "Close Up Radio" with host, Doug Llewelyn, where she shared her personal healthcare journey, the founding of CIAAG, and the driving forces behind the inhumane nature of pain care in America.

Your Freedom Hub

June 30, 2021

Lauren Deluca joined Your Freedom Hub: "War on Pain Patients" to present The National Pain Strategy: Is It Working?  A CIAAG exclusive analysis of the historical steps surrounding the creation of the National Pain Strategy, its related programs and the resultant societal impact of its implementation .

Fox News - Boston

May 2, 2021

Lauren Deluca was featured on Fox News, Boston commenting on the study: One in Five People Suffer from Chronic Pain: The Debate Continues on the Proper Role of Opioid Analgesics  

The Rapp Report Podcast

June 15, 2020

CIAAG Vice President, Shasta Rayne Harner was featured on The Rapp Report where she joined show host, Branden Rapp to discuss Violation of A Nation.

Pharmacist Steve - Blog

April 26, 2020

Shasta Rayne Harner  was featured in Pharmacist Steve's blog "Shasta Rayne Calls out the Bureaucrats on Their Calculated War on Patients".

Giazilla Rawrr - Blunt Force

September 8, 2019

Shasta Rayne Harner joined host Giazilla Rawrr on Blunt Force where they discuss living with rare disorders and daily, debilitating pain, and what it feels like to have our dignity, ability to function, and quality of life stolen from us due to regulatory/policy changes. 

RSDSA Summer Newsletter 

June 8, 2019

CIAAG was featured in the RSDSA Summer Newsletter discussing the founding of CIAAG, our trip to the United Nations, the State Leadership Program and more!

UNLEASHED 95.4 WMNH - Manchester NH

May 15, 2019

Lauren Deluca joins Matt Connarton’s UNLEASHED 95.4 WMNH - Manchester NH, where they get real about America’s pain crisis and the illegal clinical trial running through our healthcare system.

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