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Citizens Interest provides free access to our exclusive resource library, highlighting the key federal agencies, non-governmental organizations and federal legislation related to the public, private-partnership initiatives within the industries of biotechnology and healthcare.

We encourage you to explore each category to learn more about the roles and responsibilities assigned to our federal agencies and the non-governmental organizations engaged in these public, private-partnerships. 

In order to effectively advocate for legal and/or regulatory change, you must first understand the activities of our federal agencies, offices, centers, committees and task forces. By analyzing the activities of our federal offices and their public-partners, you will be able to learn how their work is inter-connected and what offices to approach when advocating on various aspects of our healthcare system. 

Federal legislation acts as a blueprint for future activities. It is vital to read these legislative directives in order to be prepared for opportunities to apply for seats on future committees being assembled and to obtain an inside view of the strategic directions being given by Congress.
Check out our Legislative Library, outlining federal legislation, US federal code and regulations related to public, private-partnerships in public-health, research and the healthcare delivery system. 
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