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Today's Advocacy Industry is riddled with unethical conduct with little, to no, mechanism available to hold them accountable for their business practices. As a result, the public pays the consequences of their misconduct. 


The organizations in these alliances fail to disclose their participation to their members & mislead the public to the extent that it becomes gross misrepresentation and outright fraud. These Advocacy Organizations follow a centralized script designed to influence their respective communities to accept the national strategic goals created by federal agency committees and task forces. 

To gain support for their work, Advocacy Organizations engage citizens to act as social media influencers and spread their talking points among the public, using social media platforms, personal blogs, video content, and more. 

These organizations have grossly misrepresented their work to the public and, are actively defrauding their own professional and financial gains.  


Advocacy Organizations are working in collaboration with media outlets, academic researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and the big-data industry, to facilitate the implementation of our federal government's national strategic goals into society and actively conceal their efforts from the people they proclaim to represent. This is done by design, as these organizations realize they would lose public support and thus funding if the public understood the nature of their activities. 

Advocacy Organizations are engaging as public relations and marketing firms for federal agencies and other associated corporations. In doing so, they have betrayed their duty to the public they were formed to represent. 

Advocacy Organizations are designed to bring their respective communities' grievances to those in a position to effect change and to advocate for the citizen's interests. This is no longer what we see taking place in the Advocacy Industry as a whole. 

These organizations are partnering with federal agencies via the public-private-partnership mechanism promoting the federal government and other corporate talking points to their members and misleading their members to engage in advocacy activities that are being used to support the very policies the citizens are seeking to these organizations combat on their behalf. 

These organizational representatives created a closed marketplace and worked collaboratively to prevent opposing points of view from engaging in public discussion. 


The manipulation and exploitation of private citizens by these corporations must come to an end.  The Advocacy Industry as a whole, needs major oversight and reform. 

Organizations and their representatives who mislead the public using disinformation and propaganda must be held accountable for defrauding the public.


Our lawmakers must address these unacceptable business practices and systematic abuses taking place under our nation's federal programs. Advocacy organizations and their representatives must be held to a higher level of transparency, in the form of their activities, partners, investors, their committee work & any contracts they sign agreeing to “market talking points to the public.”

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